• Otl Aicher (1986)

    30+ years of experience in media design & publishing

    Writers, photographers, designers, and traditional -- later web-based -- companies from the most diverse industries, have trusted the VISIO founders' expertise in media design and publishing for more than 30 years. In fact, nothing has changed. Key to success in communications design will ever be the same. Good design.

  • Our customer labelpartners.com's website on a 4K screen

    Websites that succeed. For decades.

    Designing and developing sustainable websites means to analyse the market setting and plan at long sight. VISIO only engages in projects that have a solid economic base and a smart concept. Then we make it succeed.

  • Book release: Mike Born - Mauritius

    Books that stand out

    Coming soon:
    Mike Born: Fine Art Photography - MAURITIUS
    A collection of fine art photographs taken by international photographer Mike Born during 1.5 years of roaming the precious tropical paradise of Mauritius. The book shows the island in the southern Indian Ocean and its stunning biodiversity and cultural mix from perspectives that even many Mauritians might have never seen before.
    Reinforced hardcover, large square format, layflat art-print paper, 220 pages
    approx. 85.00 USD

  • Unique photo and illustration artwork

    Unique photo and illustration artwork

    At VISIO, quality matters and a "quick and dirty" philosophy has no place. That's why all publications we create are illustrated with artfully created high quality illustrations and photographs.

Look ahead

Nowadays, it's not a big deal to roughly foresee what the future will be like, as there are many sources that help to understand where the journey will go. Will your publications still be of interest in the developing age of AI? We help you analyse that and plan accordingly.


Publishing is communication. And the road to success in communicationss design will ever be the same. Good design.


We are by your side while moving forward in your publishing efforts. We are your invisible companion and your guardian angel.

  • "Visio were the pioneers that made our company the first in the world to offer a complete online configuration of textile labels for fashion designers and clothing producers. Over the last 11 years, they made labelpartners.com one of the internationally most well-known suppliers in the textile labeling industry. As over the years many competitors followed our example, Visio's visionary proposal has meanwhile taken the whole industry to the next level."

    Martina Salmoni, Label Partners S.r.l., Italy

  • "These are the people you want to talk to when it comes to publishing fine art photography. While making (and successfully marketing) the most stunning books seemed to be just some tools of the trade for them, their understanding of fine art photography just left me speechless."

    Mike Born, Photographer

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